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Let's start with ridiculous and work bac
A couple months ago, there was this little thing called CHARLOTTE 2009. I've been sick almost since I got back, so this has been a long time in coming. However, it's time to play the QUOTE CHALLENGE!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to match up which quote goes with which username. It's not as easy as you think. With all of us big mouths (said with love, my beautiful ladies), we all have more than one quote attributed to our name.

1. You may guess on every quote or however many you want.
2a. You may make only one guess per quote.
2b. Some quotes involve more than one person. You may make one guess per person in the quote.
3a. Correct answers will receive one point. For quotes with more than one answer, you will get one point per correct person guessed.
3b. Bonus points will be awarded (on indicated quotes) if you can correctly guess whom the quote is directed at.
4. Please make guesses on the appropriate quote comment below (easier for me to keep track of it all!).

Total possible points: 50 + 15 bonus points

Top three scorers will recieve a special prize from me... maybe be a little giftie in the mail, a drabble, a spoiler about an upcoming chapter of a fic, etc.

Possible answers:
abigail89, harrysmom, hedwig5221, hpchickadee, i_m_b00, jo_ron, lnalvgd, magnolialane, miss_elisha, mrspadf00t1, natertatersmom, queenb23more, risiepookie, wanderhomeagain


There's a first time for everything

I love to make new friends and get to know people, but I also really value my privacy. I have a combination of fandom and personal stuff on here, sometimes both in the same entry, so it's just easier for me to f-lock everything.

If you want in on my ramblings, my fic updates and outtakes, and general insanity, just friend me and comment to let me know who you are and/or where you're coming from. I promise I won't bite! :o)

If you are here for strictly fanfiction, as opposed to my writings about my personal life and fandom musings, feel free to head over to risie_writes and friend my fanfiction journal instead of this one (or both, if you so choose).

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